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Bergsten, C. Fred, "The United States and the World Economy: Foreign Economic Policy for the Next Decade"
Reviewer: De Coninck, Raphael
(published: 1/31/2006)

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Beiter, Klaus Dieter, "The Protection of the Right to Education by International Law"
Reviewer: George, Erika
(published: 7/24/2007)

Benvenisti, Eyal, "The International Law of Occupation"
Reviewer: Fox, Gregory H.
(published: 3/28/2013)

Benvenisti, Eyal and Hirsch, Moshe (eds.), "The Impact of International Law on International Cooperation: Theoretical Perspectives"
Reviewer: Chesterman, Simon
(published: 10/31/2005)

Bergsmo, Morten (Ed), "Quality Control in Fact-Finding"
Reviewer: Devaney, James G.
(published: 5/12/2014)

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Bartels, Lorand and Ortino, Federico (eds.), "Regional Trade Agreements and the WTO Legal System"
Reviewer: Kurtz, Jurgen
(published: 11/16/2007)

Ziller, Jacques, "Il nuovo Trattato europeo"
Besselink, L. F. M., "A Composite European Constitution"
Reviewer: Martinico, Giuseppe
(published: 2/19/2009)

Mettraux, Guénaël (ed.), "Perspectives on the Nuremberg Trial"
Boister, Neil and Cryer, Robert , "The Tokyo International Military Tribunal – A Reappraisal"
Totani, Yuma , "The Tokyo War Crimes Trial: The Pursuit of Justice in the Wake of World War II"
Reviewer: Sellars, Kirsten
(published: 10/25/2010)

Claire Finkelstein, Jens David Ohlin, Andrew Altman (eds), "Targeted Killings: Law and Morality in an Asymmetrical World"
Boothby, William H. , "The Law of Targeting"
Otto, Roland, "Targeted Killings and International Law"
Reviewer: Geiß, Robin
(published: 4/15/2013)

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