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Ladeur, Karl-Heinz (ed.), "Public Governance in the Age of Globalization"
Reviewer: Kanwar, Vik
(published: 11/29/2005)

Landau, E.; Beigbeder, Y, "From ILO Standards to EU Law"
Reviewer: Munin, Nellie
(published: 1/3/2010)

Lang, Andrew, "World Trade Law after Neoliberalism. Re-imagining the Global Economic Order"
Reviewer: Fakhri, Michael
(published: 1/29/2013)

Larsen, Kjetil; Cooper, Camilla Guldahl; Nustuen, Gro (eds.) , "Searching for a ´Principle of Humanity´ in International Humanitarian Law"
Reviewer: Cairns, Catriona H.
(published: 11/13/2014)

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Landsman, Stephan, "Crimes of the Holocaust: The Law Confronts Hard Cases"
Reviewer: Fraser, David
(published: 1/31/2006)

Lee, Yong-Shik, "Reclaiming Development in the World Trading System"
Reviewer: Del Valle Izquierdo, Ester
(published: 7/24/2007)

Jean Ziegler, Christophe Golay, Claire Mahon and Sally-Ann Way, "The Fight for the Right to Food. Lessons Learned"
Olivier de Schutter and Kaitlin Cordes (eds), "Accounting for Hunger. The Right to Food in the Era of Globalization"
Otto Hospes and Irene Hadiprayitno (eds), "Governing Food Security. Law, Politics and the Right to Food"
Lidija Knuth and Margret Vidar, "Constitutional and Legal Protection of the Right to Food around the World"
Reviewer: Haugen, Hans Morten
(published: 1/2/2013)

Lindblom, Anna-Karin, "Non-Governmental Organizations in International Law"
Dupuy, Pierre-Marie, and Vierucci Luisa (eds), "NGOs in International Law"
Ripinsky, Sergey and Van den Bossche, Peter, "NGO Involvement in International Organizations: A Legal Analysis"
Vedder, Anton (ed.), "NGO Involvement in International Governance and Policy: Sources of Legitimacy"
Reviewer: Pearson, Zoe
Enduring Issues of Non-Governmental Organizations in International Law (published: 10/25/2009)

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