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Mavroidis, Petros C., "The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: A Commentary"
Reviewer: Busch, Marc
(published: 6/16/2006)

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Matsushita, Mitsuo, Schoenbaum, Thomas J. and Mavroidis, Petro C., "The World Trade Organization: Law, Practice, and Policy (2nd Ed.)"
Reviewer: Broude, Tomer
(published: 1/17/2008)

Mavroidis, Petros C. and Sykes, Alan O. (eds.), "The WTO and International Trade Law / Dispute Settlement"
Reviewer: Cho, Sungjoon
(published: 9/1/2006)

McAdam, Jane (ed.), "Climate Change and Displacement. Multidisciplinary Perspectives"
Reviewer: Grote Stoutenburg, Jenny
(published: 11/30/2011)

McHugh, P.G. , "Aboriginal Title. The Modern Jurisprudence of Tribal Land Rights"
Reviewer: Göcke, Katja
(published: 3/1/2012)

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MacDonald, Ronald St. John and Johnston, Douglas M. (eds.), "Towards World Constitutionalism: Issues in the Legal Ordering of the World Community"
Reviewer: Zoethout, Carla
(published: 5/9/2007)

Mettraux, Guénaël (ed.), "Perspectives on the Nuremberg Trial"
Boister, Neil and Cryer, Robert , "The Tokyo International Military Tribunal – A Reappraisal"
Totani, Yuma , "The Tokyo War Crimes Trial: The Pursuit of Justice in the Wake of World War II"
Reviewer: Sellars, Kirsten
(published: 10/25/2010)

Michalopoulos, Constantine, "Developing Countries in the WTO"
Reviewer: Klingbeil, Kevin
(published: 1/1/2003)

Murphy, Sean D., "United States Practice in International Law. Volume 2: 2002-2004"
Reviewer: Hilaire, Max
(published: 10/19/2006)

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