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Yasuaki, Onuma, "A Transcivilizational Perspective on International Law"
Reviewer: Ahmed, Dawood
(published: 3/28/2013)

Yerxa, Rufus, and Wilson, Bruce, "Key Issues in WTO Dispute Settlement: The First Ten Years"
Reviewer: Nielsen, Laura
(published: 4/25/2008)

Yusuf, Abdulqawi A. (ed.), "Standard-Setting in UNESCO, Vol. I: Normative Action in Education, Science and Culture. Essays in Commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of UNESCO; Vol. II: Conventions, Recommendations, Declarations and Charters adopted by UNESCO (1948–2006)"
Reviewer: Zacharias, Diana
(published: 6/10/2009)

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Yannaca-Small, Katia , " Arbitration Under International Investment Agreements: A Guide to the Key Issues "
Vandevelde, Kenneth J. , "Bilateral Investment Treaties. History, Policy, and Interpretation "
Salacuse, Jeswald W. , "The Law of Investment Treaties"
Schreuer, Christoph, Malintoppi, Loretta, Reinisch, August and Sinclair, Anthomy (eds.), "The ICSID Convention. A Commentary"
Perkams, Markus , "Internationale Investitionsschutzabkommen im Spannungsfeld zwischen effektivem Investitionsschutz und staatlichem Gemeinwohl"
Robert-Cuendet, Sabrina , "Droits de l´investisseur étranger et protection de l´environnement. Contribution à l´analyse de l´expropriation indirecte"
Voss, Jan Ole , "The Impact of Investment Treaties on Contracts between Host States and Foreign Investors"
Waibel, Michael; Kaushal, Asha; Chung, Kyo-Hwa Liz and Balchin, Claire (eds.), "The Backlash against Investment Arbitration. Perceptions and Reality."
Sasson, Monique , "Substantive Law in Investment Treaty Arbitration. The Unsettled Relationship between International Law and Municipal Law"
Reviewer: Schill, Stephan
(published: 8/10/2011)

Yusuf, Hakeem, "Transitional Justice, Judicial Accountability and the Rule of Law"
Piana, Daniela, "Judicial Accountabilities in New Europe: From Rule of Law to Quality of Justice"
Canivet, Guy; Andenas, Mads; Fairgrieve, Duncan (eds.), "Independence, Accountability and the Judiciary"
Reviewer: Kosar, David
The Least Accountable Branch (published: 4/17/2013)

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