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Tansey, Geoff and Rajotte, Tasmin (eds), "The Future Control of Food: A Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Food Security"
Reviewer: MacMaoláin, Caoimhín
(published: 10/23/2008)

Roberts, Donna, Orden, David and Josling, Tim, "Food Regulation and Trade: Toward a Safe and Open Global Food System"
Reviewer: Herwig, Alexia
(published: 2/16/2006)

Aksoy, M. Ataman and Beghin, John C. (eds.), "Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries"
Reviewer: Gonzalez, Carmen
(published: 11/29/2005)

Schrijver, Nico and Weiss, F. (eds.), "International Law and Sustainable Development: Principles and Practice"
Reviewer: Martinez, Jan
(published: 10/31/2005)

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Jean Ziegler, Christophe Golay, Claire Mahon and Sally-Ann Way, "The Fight for the Right to Food. Lessons Learned"
Olivier de Schutter and Kaitlin Cordes (eds), "Accounting for Hunger. The Right to Food in the Era of Globalization"
Otto Hospes and Irene Hadiprayitno (eds), "Governing Food Security. Law, Politics and the Right to Food"
Lidija Knuth and Margret Vidar, "Constitutional and Legal Protection of the Right to Food around the World"
Reviewer: Haugen, Hans Morten
(published: 1/2/2013)

Alemanno, Alberto, "Trade in Food. Regulatory and Judicial Approaches in the EC and the WTO"
Reviewer: Hornsby, David J.
(published: 10/25/2009)

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