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Dunoff, Jeffrey L. (Ed); Pollack, Mark A. (Ed), "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Law and International Relations. The State of Art. "
Reviewer: Zalnieriute, Monika
(published: 11/23/2013)

Berman, Paul Schiff , "Global Legal Pluralism: A Jurisprudence of Law Beyond Border"
Reviewer: Xavier, Sujith
(published: 11/23/2013)

Foster, Caroline , "Science and the Precautionary Principle in International Courts and Tribunals. Expert Evidence, Burden of Proof and Finality"
Reviewer: Perez, Oren
(published: 11/23/2013)

Francioni, Francesco (Ed); Ronzitti, Natalino (Ed), "War by Contract. Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, and Private Contractors"
Reviewer: Müllerson, Rein
(published: 11/23/2013)

Cohen, Jean L. , "Globalization and Sovereignty. Rethinking Legality, Legitimacy and Constitutionalism"
Reviewer: Gráinne de Búrca
(published: 11/22/2013)

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