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Adinolfi, Giovanna , "Poteri e interventi del Fondo monetario internazionale [Powers and Actions of the International Monetary Fund]"
Reviewer: Viterbo, Annamaria
(published: 7/26/2015)

Green, Jessica , "Rethinking Private Authority: Agents and Entrepreneurs in Global Environmental Governance"
Marx, Axel; Maertens, Miet; Swinnen, Johan and Wouters, Jan (eds), "Private Standards and Global Governance: Economic, Legal, and Political Perspectives"
Reviewer: Acorn, Elizabeth
(published: 7/26/2015)

Herz, Michael and Molnar, Peter (eds.), "The Content and Context of Hate Speech: Rethinking Regulation and Responses"
Reviewer: Neier, Aryeh
(published: 7/23/2015)

Popova, Maria , "Politicized Justice in Emerging Democracies: A Study of Courts in Russia and Ukraine"
Reviewer: Urribarri, Raul A. Sanchez
(published: 7/23/2015)

Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer, "Poverty and the International Economic Legal System"
Reviewer: Kellman, Elaine
(published: 7/23/2015)

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