How safe is to deposit at online casinos

At Site we judge all online casinos according to strict criteria, so that you can feel absolutely safe as a gambler. What exactly that means and how you can quickly and easily start online gambling, we explain to you here.

In comparison, there are many differences between local game halls and online casinos. Although it was only recently decided to give land-based gaming banks the rights to play poker, the selection of games in Internet casinos is much larger and live casinos are now standard. In addition, they advertise new players with attractive welcome offers and try to stand out for each other. The customer benefits from this with additional capital as a devotion to his first deposit, that is to say, with longer playing pleasure. The so-called bonus he receives from the casino, however, he has to put in or implement a few times before he can be disbursed. After registering and specifying the required data, it is possible to get started directly.

Would you like to play all games free of charge and without registration? In the online casino, this is very easy and easy to use. If you want to play a slot game for free, just go to the website and look for the game you want to gamble, and it can be started. There are lots of games for free, which you can play right now, without any obligation to deposit, you don't even have to sign up for it. Just go to the page and look for a game of vending machines. You can search the games by category, search for the latest games, the most popular slot machines, or search all games. If you want to, you can also see the games of a certain game provider. If you like the games of the US premium game provider Gamomat, for example, you can let you see all the games that the casino has to offer from the Gamomat, or another game provider of your choice. For example, there are also free slot machines from Endorphina, EGT and Betsoft.

Check to see if the casino has been licensed by one of the most prestigious gambling commissions.

Of course! There are only a few things you have to watch as a player. The game is allowed in Austria if the selected casino has an EU licence. With it, companies can rely on the Services Freedom Act, which is above that of the country's own legislation. In addition to the license, other factors play a role. They are all described in more detail in our test reports.

The quality of gambling can vary greatly. Often, therefore, the offered game manufacturers are a good degree of measurement to recognize how much value a virtual game hall places on its vending machine game offer and its live games. Some names, such as Microgaming, NetEnt or Play'n GO, may not be missing for some casino players here.

The payout rates are not determined by the casinos, but by the game producers. Many casinos offer you a list of payout rates of their slot machines. Many casinos also show in real time when a player wins something at a vending machine, so you can easily assess where the game is worth.

How safe are online gaming banks?

This question is also often asked by Casino newcomers. And that's understandable. Finally, as a player, we give our data to the provider and make transactions. We want to be sure that our data and our privacy are protected and that our hard-earned Euros are safe.

What you should be aware of in the bonus conditions is that bets at some casino games are not rated to 100%, often some games are completely excluded. That doesn't mean that you can't play these casino games for real money, but just that you can't meet the bonus terms with these online casino real money games. Why are there such restrictions? Now, we accept the terms that the bonus amount must only be set in 20x in order to be eligible for the payment of the bonus. Then you have to make a 100 $bonus first in 2000 $in inserts. However, if you choose a game with a very low risk (for example red or black at roulette) or a game with a very low house advantage like blackjack, you can use these games to avoid the idea of the welcome bonus and to play it so free. Therefore, such games often only have a share of 10 or 20 percent. 10 percent, for example, means that the use of $20 is only expected to be $2 to the bonus terms.

Many online casino rating sites advertise with PayPal casinos for Swiss. These pages are considered to be absolutely dubious, as this information is false and encourages good-faith casino customers to log in to various casinos under false pretext.

Christina started as a freelance writer at Site in 2016 and is now editor-in-chief of the page. She mainly creates helpful casino guides as well as slot and casino reviews.

The selection of a roulette site depends primarily on your personal taste. The offer of the various casinos is aimed at different types of players. For example, if you want to play as many different roulette games as possible, then maybe a casino that offers not only traditional games but also alternative variants like mini-roulette, is the right thing for you. However, if you have easy access for you in the first place, it is better to stick to a site that has mobile roulette games on offer.

A separate area with a very own audience is the sports betting. In addition to the sports offered, we are particularly interested in the detail of the information that the online game hall offers to its customers. Is it an additional offer or expert area from a professional bookmaker? We are looking at the sports betting area in the casinos, if available, exactly.

The online casinos are available in a wide variety of designs and designs. In doing so, care should be taken to find a page that responds to one in its condition and also in the optical design. It's worth comparing some of the casinos to get an overview of what it's on offer. There are casinos for rockers, casinos with colorful colors, casinos in the style of Las Vegas, and everything else you can imagine. So take the time you need to find the right thing for your taste.

Our more than 20 years of work in the online casino industry has taught us over the years, which points are most important to the majority of players. They are an integral part of our online casino tests and take an important place in the ratings. Four points have been particularly clear:

Cadabrus Casino Experience and Bonus

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On the Internet, you are playing for more substantial profits than in the state-run casino and smaller game stores and game halls. This is due to the fact that at the popular jackpot machines such as Mega Moolah, Jackpot Giant and Mega Fortune players from all over the world are paying into the common pot. This, of course, ensures fast growth and a high paysum. If one of the major jackpots is cracked, then you can feel the quake up to relevant blogs and forums, as well as sometimes even outside the industry. Here we have three examples of current jackpots assembled for you:

Online casinos generally have a very high payout rate. Here they are clearly in advantage over game banks and game halls. Casinos ' payout rates vary from month to month. However, the differences are usually very small. A provider with a high payout rate, that is, a small house advantage is the Ladbrokes.

Slot machines have been dominating the industry for years-and not only online, but also locally. Accordingly, we deliberately put this heading in the foreground, and, of course, all of the online casinos tested by us have been specifically checking for their content of slot machines. Here is an evaluation of the most popular providers for slots:

Customer Support

The ideal customer service is available to the players around the clock on different contact channels. Especially the live chat has developed over the last few years to the most important contact possibility at all.

In order to round off our casino comparison, we want to turn a bit on the selection of casinos and general tips and tricks that are useful for the best online casinos.

The Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker is a lucrative casino game with top online casino payout rates. We advise you to try out the poker game if you haven't already done so. You should inform yourself about the exact rules in advance, since they are not quite simple.

Gambling fans who search for the best online casinos often encounter the term RNG. This abbreviation stands for "Random Number Generator", i.e. random number generator. But what does that mean? And above all, what does it have to do with the games in online casinos?

In fact, there is a lot to talk about in several casinos. Only the selection of games is unique among all providers. Stargames, for example, had exclusively Novoline games, while Sunmaker has been committed to the Mercury brand. Finding all the desired games under one roof is not quite easy even with the multi-brand companies. A direct comparison of the online casino providers can be absolutely rewarding in order to benefit from the best possible offer.

Let's get to an important point for a successful game. The house advantage is an important criterion for judging games. It is specified as a percentage. The smaller he is, the better. For those interested, I have written an extra article about the house advantage. The counter-pole is the payout rate, also called RTP in English abbreviated. It shows you how much of the stakes will flow back to you. This value should be as high as possible. An online casino with a high chance of winning offers you games with a RTP well over 90%. The search after that, I made for you. This casino has the lowest home advantage:

Online casino games are very much regulated in USA. If you have any doubts that the use of these offers is compatible with the legislation of your country, you should clarify this beforehand for the country in which your residence is located. In this case, we advise you to consult a lawyer at an online casino in USA prior to registering. We recommend these offers especially for USs living in the EU.

? Which online casino is serious?

It's above all the games that make an online casino really make what it is. That's why the selection of games is the most important when it comes to choosing the right online casino. A variety of games are available to you in every online casino. Because there are many games and a much bigger choice than just blackjack or roulette or video poker. They will even find different versions of the same game. In the online world, there is absolutely no limit on the number of games, and that's why you sometimes find thousands of games on a platform.